Slow Down Music

Ever wonder "how on earth does he/she play that??"
"What the heck is that riff, I just can't quite get it?"
"Have you ever had to learn a cover tune and it just went by too fast?"

Amazing Slow Downer

Amazing Slow Downer lets you slow down music to 20% of it's original speed.
Super high sound quality.
An interface that is easy to use and understand.
Operates in real time so that you can adjust everything on the fly.
Loop sections of music over and over at any speed without changing the pitch.
Volume control and a 7-band graphic equalizer.
Amazing Slow Downer is available for Mac, Windows, iPhone/iPad and Android.

Amazing Slow Downer for Mac

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Slow down music without changing the pitch?

Amazing Slow Downer is a software tool that lets you change the speed of any music without changing the pitch.

Amazing Slow Downer is available for Mac, Windows and now also iPhone/iPad.

Works with most audio file formats, even DRM protected WMA and AAC files.

The computer version also lets you slow down regular audio CDs.

Amazing Slow Downer allows you to loop any section of a song over and over until you have nailed every nuance of the music.

The perfect tool for every musician, professional or amateur.

Great for transcribers and dance teachers!

ASD Windows

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Slow Down Music